Defensive Environmental Reviews

A service that EAS, Inc is happy to provide is a defensive environmental review. Defensive Environmental Reviews consist of EAS reviewing a Phase I or Phase II performed by another environmental firm. Occasionally, a lender, broker, or developer will be provided a report and the question becomes- where do we go from here? Does this information appear valid? Is it still relevant?

We know that speed and accuracy is what sets firms apart in due diligence sector as many of our clients operate on tight turnaround times and wish to be budget conscious. We are here to be the provider of all our clients needs.

The process for a defensive environmental review is quite basic- we would need to be provided the work/report in question and review the information in-house. From here, we will form an opinion letter. This is not to be confused with a reliance letter. The opinion letter will consist of our key take-aways from the report in a digestible format for our customers.

Our defensive environmental reviews can be completed within a business day with hourly pricing (typically does not exceed 3 hours of review and writing combined). Following the opinion letter, if EAS feels that a new environmental report should be provided- we will then provide a quote- usually undercutting other firms with quicker turnaround times. Hopefully, a new project does not need to be performed, but instead- EAS can provide tools to our clients to properly ask the original consultant for more clarifications on their findings.

To request an environmental review, submit the report in question here and we will get started on helping you straight away!